AUCH Medical Directors Peer Group

  • 1.  NON-post partum Tubal Ligation for uninsured patients

    Posted 12-07-2022 10:52
    Hello all!

    Do any of your clinics have access to low cost tubal ligation options in your communities? How are you handling low cost tubals for NON-post partum cases? Do you have any costs you can share for these procedures?
    Thank you for the replies. 


    Sarah Woolsey

  • 2.  RE: NON-post partum Tubal Ligation for uninsured patients

    Posted 12-15-2022 18:00
    Short answer:  No.

    Longer answer:  No.  Immediate postpartum tubals do not happen any more unless a c-section occurs.  
    1. If we know a patient will have a c-section, we consent in the course of prenatal care.  This is true for funded and unfunded patients and the laborists we work with seem to be ok doing the procedure at the time of section without additional reimbursement.
    2. In other pregnant patients desiring sterilization we consent during prenatal care, on the chance they would go to section. 
    3. We do not encourage primary, elective c-section in order for an unfunded patient to receive a sterilization procedure.  LARC's are readily available. 
    4. Years ago we had developed a program at Mckay for low cost, immediate postpartum tubal ligation on unfunded patients.  It required cooperation between the hospital, the laborist (our FP's are not trained in the procedure) and the anesthesiologist.  But with the advent of "One Intermountain" the hospital abandoned the service.

    Kurt Rifleman, MD
    Midtown CHC