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CDC CV 19 Vaccine Updates May 11, 2023 

05-12-2023 09:25

Here is updated CV 19 vaccine guidance from the May 11 CDC call. See attached deck.


1.     New recommendations for people aged ≥6 years without immunocompromise who have not yet received a bivalent mRNA dose, regardless of COVID-19 vaccination history, get 1 dose of a bivalent mRNA vaccine.

2.     If >65yo and not immunocompromised, flexibility to get an additional bivalent mRNA now (if 4 mo since last vaccine).

3.     If>65yo with no CV 19 vaccine history, get 1 bivalent now then option for a boost in 4 months.

4.     Starting at slide 44, guidance to update pediatric patients or start the vaccine naïve. There are some nuances for maintaining a particular vaccine type, so look closely if you are advising here. The most basic pedes cases are slides 47,48.

5.     For >6yo with immunocompromise, the recommendations are flexible, allowing an additional dose at 2-month intervals. Again, read carefully for doses, types, intervals. Tables for this start at slide 72.

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