AUCH Medical Directors Peer Group

Utah Medicaid July Update Bulletin 2023 

07-19-2023 13:42

Please check out the Utah Medicaid July 2023 Member Information Bulletin for important information.

  1. The schedule and registration information for the 2023 Statewide Provider Training is on page 2. Live, online training sessions begin on August 15, end on September 13, and cover the following:
    1. Claims/Billing
    2. Provider Enrollment
    3. Pharmacy Program
    4. Prior Authorization
    5. Healthcare Policy
    6. Managed Care & Additional Specialties i.e., Dental, Applied Behavior Analysis, Durable
    7. Medical Equipment, Behavioral Health
    8. Utah Office of Inspector General
    9. General Q&A
  2. Utah Medicaid will now reimburse for one annual adult Wellness Visits for beneficiaries over 21 years of age. More information, including billing information, is available starting on page 9.
  3. A Telehealth Update begins on page 12, including updated definitions and general reminders. The policy is generally supportive of the use of telehealth services; however, asynchronous telehealth services are still not billable to Medicaid. An additional limitation to be aware of is the restriction on the use of audio-only telehealth to the following services:
    1. Behavioral health, including substance use disorders (SUD)
    2. Diabetic self-management
    3. Speech and hearing
    4. Nutritional counselling
    5. Tobacco cessation
    6. Education for chronic kidney disease
    7. Advanced care planning
  4. On page 19, there is information about dental hygienist practice. Effective July 1, 2023, dental hygienists may receive payment for dental services performed independently in a public health setting without a written agreement or general supervision of a dentist.

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